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Easy Technique for Endopeel

only valid for medium and lower third


    • For Beginners
    • For aged patients
    • For deshydrated skins ( syndrom of pippin apple)
    • For opened pores
    • For paralyzed hemiface ( sequellae of facial paralysis)
    • All patients having Langer s lines

Step 1-Easy Technic
Checking on patient the Langer s lines
Step 2-Easy Technic

Marking the Langer s lines from the orbital rim to the periphery.

Here red or purple marker pen has been used.


Marking ( here with white pen marker) concentric lines from orbital rim towards the periphery.
Between 2 concentric lines , the distance is the width of a wooden tonguer.

A square is the space delimited between 2 ,, red,, lines and 2 ,,white,, linesĀ 

In bigger squares, injections ( vectors+tensors) will be >0.05 ml to max 0.1 ml/injection .
In smaller squares, injections ( vectors+tensors) are 0.05ml/injection.

vectors easy technic

Marking vectors.
Each vector is marked here as a circle in the center of each square.
Vectors injection is shown on the video below.
Syringe and needle are normal or perpendicular
( vertical) to the center of each square, injecting
0.05 ml to 0.1 ml in function of the dimensions of each square .

step 5 easy technic face endopeel

Tensors are marked as yellow arrows ,always with a direction and sense from down to up and in to out.

The arrows bottom is placed on a langer s line for each square , doing an angle of 90 grades or perpendicular to the langer s line.

During injection, the aisles of the syringe are placed on the bottom of each yellow arrow and then it is pushed following the direction and sense of each arrow to inject from 0.05 ml to 0.1 ml, without moving the hand or without changing angles .

The technic is better seen on the movie below.

Important Remarks

For elderly patients heavy wrinkled as in case of heavy sequellae of facial paralysis, a double technique has to be done .

  • for elderly patients: for each hemiface, do 1 st easy technique and then local technique for medium third and then lower faceĀ 
  • for huge sequellae of facial paralysis, treat the paralyzed hemiface with easy technic maximum and the not paralyzed one with local technique minimum.

Easy Technic

easy technic endopeel face

Local Technic

local technic endopeel face
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