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For not candidates to surgery

Endopeel techniques applied to the face can be :
- an alternative to surgery
- a complement to surgery
- a maintenance of surgery


For patients who want immediate results

Patients have not any more patience to see results nowadays and want immediately results.
Endopeel offers immediately results after 1/2 hour visible by the patient and the entourage as well.
In case of insufficient results, they can be dued to 

- bad choice of indications
- no respect of contra indications
- bad techniques
- untrained physician
-dangerous copies of the products ( China, India, Korea,Argentina,Uruguay)

For patients who dont want or dont need any fillers

Fillers are used mostly to add volume.
Adding volume means increasing the weight of the tissues ( tissue+filler) which lead that the treated area will fall down instead of beeing lifted , following the basic physic rules of the gravity.
Also fillers lead to many complications like granulomas, nodules, migrations, necrosis , vision loss and neurosurgical problems as well for different reasons.
The fillers are an excellent indication only in case of persisting depression .
Endopeel reshape in 3D the tissues without having the complications of fillers and that s why it is a better method for best results, highest safety and with immediate results.

For patients who dont want botulinum toxin

Botulinum Toxin is a biological toxin at the difference of Endopeel .Botulinum Toxin can give great effects on the face but more you do it, less it works because it leads to atrophy and paralysis of the muscles.
Endopeel doesnt paralyse the muscles, never leads to any atrophy and can give some ,, toxin-like,, effects .
Only in case of superficial wrinkles, botulinum toxin is bestens indicated.
in case of falling eyebrow as complication after injection of botulinum toxin, the eyebrow can be lifted with Endopeel .

For patients who don t want threads or sutures

Threads or Sutures are great only to reposition the fatty tissue .
If the patient is thin or the face has no fat, Endopeel is safer and can do more than threads or sutures without any complications.


For Completing or Improving a surgical facelift

Endopeel is great to complete a surgical facelift in the areas forbidden for surgery and is great too for the maintenance of a surgical facelift. Also Endopeel can be done surgically with one incision point and allows to get a 5 years duration facelift without undermining with an unvisible scar .

Upper Third

Middle Third

Lower Third

Gender Indication

Global Anti Aging

Pathologic Indications

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