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Naso Labial Furrow  & Endopeel


The world’s population is aging and the demand for facial aesthetic treatments from the elderly population is growing along with the overall aesthetics exigency.

There are various reasons why people wish to appear younger.

A common theme among these reasons is the desire to avoid social penalties that accompany aging, which can come in the form of discrimination, employment difficulties,and harassment.

Observers frequently focused on the nasolabial fold area, which is an area of great importance in demonstrating signs of age.

Age perception, the judgment of another person’s age by appearance, is imperative for achieving effective communication and navigating personal relationships .

Evolution of the naso labial furrow with aging

  • Backward move of the nasal pyramid
  • Overhang ptosis of the naso labial fold
  • Flattening of the cheekbone
  • Nasal aisle or wing pulls backwards
  • Decreasing of the upper lips height
NLF standard method

Vectors & Tensors

shortening the length of the labio nasal furrow

Reducing the depth of the naso labial furrow

Reducing the depth of the naso labial furrow

Reducing the depth of the naso labial furrow-Dynamic

naso labial fold and marionette

Reducing the depth and shortening the naso labial furrow

naso labial furrow- Dr Fatima Alzahra

Reducing the depth of the naso labial furrow

Ethny: North Africa-Algeria

naso labial furrow- Dr Raul Flores

Reducing the depth and the buldge of the naso labial furrow


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