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Upper Eyelid
Indications and Technics

Main Reason for Consultation

Distance between the eyelashes and the upper palpebral sulcus

∙Under normal conditions, the upper palpebral sulcus is 7-8 mm above the eyelash line in men and 10-12 mm in women, measured along the pupillary axis.

∙Curvilinear arrangement so that in

    -its nasal portion it descends to 6 to 8 mm above the lacrimal point and

    -in the temporal area it is located between 7 and 9 mm above the external canthus.

Blepharochalasis & Brow Lift ( Foxy Eyes)

indications for Upper Blepharoplasty with Endopeel

  • Moderate skin excess of the upper eyelid
  • Brow Lift ( Foxy eyes)

are the 2 main indications to realize an upper blepharoplasty with Endopeel

internal limit LT-STEP3
the pinch test is fundamental to approve the marking

Skin Excess Measurement & Blepharochalasis

in this case the eye must remain barely open but must be able to close .

Contra Indications

Indications for a surgical upper blepharoplasty

Important Skin Excess of the upper eyelid

skin excess upper eyelid
Indications for a surgical upper blepharoplasty

Fat herniae through the orbicularis muscle

herniated fat upper eyelid


Closed Eyes

Upper Eyelid Lift

Open Eyes

Upper Eyelid Lift

  • On the treated area,the distance eyelash-upper palpebral sulcus is higher than on the untreated area. 
  • Also the eyebrow is higher and lifted thanks to the increased distance eyelash-upper palpebral sulcus.
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