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Masculinisation of the Face

History of Masculine Beauty

Metrosexuals appear from 1976

As the women wanted to gain importance and power in the society, the males became weak letting women taking high positions. That period is linked to the beginning and evolution of the metrosexual males.

peeling de luxe on colombian male

What do men wish to improve their appearance

61% of men are taking care nowadays of their look
  • 81% have unwanted adiposities in different body areas
  • 47% would like to look younger
  • 31% focused on skin blemishes

Increasing Demand

increasing demand of male aesthetics
plastic surgery statistics for male aesthetics

Criters for males to choose aesthetic non invasive procedures

Males prefer procedures which are :
  • faster
  • painless
  • with immediate results
  • minimally invasive

That s why Endopeel is the elected procedure 

who are the males wishing mostly a masculinisation of their face and/or body

Most of them are Milleniums
  • average milleniums
  • photomodels
  • metrosexuals
  • gays ev bisexuals
millenium metrosexual

Skull comparison male-female & Forehead

  • Female skull is rounded at the level of the forehead seen on profile
  • Male skull is straight at the level of the forehead on the profile
forehead skull comparison male-female
profiles forehead lateral view

Widen Forehead

Widen Forehead for Men
male eyebrow

Male Eyebrow


    Overhanging, horizontal brow
    Prominent supraorbital ridge
    Minimal eyebrow arch
    Deeper-set eyes, appearing closer together
    The distance eyebrow-upper eyelid is smaller than at females
female eyebrow

Female Eyebrow

    Eyes that appear more open
    The distance eyebrow-upper eyelid is larger than at males 



Happy Result

masculine kiss
It s better to kiss a miss than to miss a kissĀ 
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