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Combination Endopeel + Peelings

acne scars yasmina left side

1 St Indication : Acne Scars


acne scars yasmina 2 nd session

Acne Scars- 2nd Session 


2nd Session

  • Endopeel 1.0 ml per hemiface -Easy Technic of A.TENENBAUM

48 hours after

Combination Endopeel +Peels for Naso Labial Furrow Improvement

Technics Used . combination of Endopeel
  • Correction of nasolabial fold with Endopeel local technic of A.Tenenbaum
  • correction of skin texture with the protocol peeling de luxe + 30 min peel off , technic of M.Tiziani
 1 session / week x 4 weeks
 Economic Use  ( less quantity than usual) 
 1,5ml (0,75 ml each side)   Endopeel to repeat at each session
  • Improvement of the depth and the length of the  nasolabial fold 
  • Improvement of the roundness of the face ( female) 
  • Improvement of the lower periocular area
  • Important improvement of the skin texture with the peelings    
YASMINA nlf pdl3

Excellent Improvement on the left naso labial furrow


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